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At GlassSKY, we want to empower next generation leaders to make the most of their talents and contribute to society and the workplace in powerful ways.

Robyn works with organizations of every size and budget – from large universities and international corporations to small businesses, start-ups and non-profits. She specializes in training programs for progressive employers who want to embrace diversity and who recognize that their leadership profile is shifting rapidly to one that is Millennial and increasingly female. She also helps employers prepare for the rise of Gen Z.

She will listen to your needs and work with you to customize the content and format that’s right for you and your audience. Get in touch to discuss.

Robyn’s Professional Development Workshop Series

Women in Leadership Unplugged – If you are a woman seeking to lead or help other women rise up, this workshop will give you the insight you need. You’ll gain an understanding of women in the workplace today, barriers they encounter, and why organizations need to leverage their female talent for workforce and market advantage. You’ll also learn the skills you need to cultivate to differentiate yourself and stand out. Robyn will share her 10 Essentials – her top strategies for success in the workplace, based on her own journey as a female leader in a male-dominated industry, and her work hiring and promoting top talent in 25 countries. Participants leave with their own self-evaluation and new insight about ways they can be more effective.

Managing and Motivating Millennials – Introducing the world’s future leaders! Millennials are already the largest demographic in the workplace, poised to account for a whopping 75% of your employees by 2025. Learn what makes this powerhouse generation tick, dispel common stereotypes, and gain insight into how managers need to evolve. Millennials are changing the way you as a business leader need to recruit, communicate, and train. Discover how you can improve your processes, tap into their valuable skills, and hear what Millennials are saying about how they want to be better engaged, supported and challenged in the workplace.

Risk Taking for Career Growth – Are some people just more risk adverse than others? In this interactive workshop-style presentation, Robyn will share why calculated risk taking is essential for career growth, and can be an acquired skill. Participants leave with an understanding of what risk is, attributes of a calculated risk taker, how taking risks benefits career and personal confidence levels, tools to use to assess risks, spot barriers/excuses, and overcome them, and a self-assessment of where they can work to improve.

Confidence & Presence – In this workshop Robyn reveals the psychology and research behind what makes some people appear more confident than others, and what you can do to improve the way people perceive you, and how you perceive yourself. Includes:

  • Learning what research reveals about why confidence matters even more than competence
  • Reviewing and practicing the 3 Gateways to Confidence, including setting your own targets for change
  • Practicing the building blocks of executive presence — you’ll learn about physical space and power poses, verbal communication (tone and words and why they matter), and emotional signs that reveal whether you’re ready or not for the more senior roles.

The 10 Essentials – In Robyn’s signature talk, she shares her top strategies for success. Participants learn The 10 Essentials, which are based on Robyn’s own journey as well as her work hiring and promoting top talent in 25 countries. They leave with their own self-evaluation and new insight about ways they can be more effective. This talk can be customized for any audience using relevant context setting, demographic details, and examples incorporated throughout.

Leading Change in the Workplace – In this workshop Robyn will guide your team through a change management process, helping them be more effective at managing change, modeling the right behaviours, and applying a methodology for large-scale buy-in and sustainability. Participants will understand what change management means from the individual to the enterprise level. They will evaluate their own aptitude to lead change and identify skills they may be missing. Robyn will teach them Kotter’s change methodology and put it to work through a case study.

Attracting the Millennial Consumer – Is customer loyalty a thing of the past? What about traditional advertising and service models? In this interactive workshop, Robyn will educate your team about key Millennial consumer behaviors that will change the way you think about loyalty program, service models, and marketing communications. Through interactive breakouts she will engage your team in developing go-to-market strategies for the Millennial consumer.

The Rise of Gen Z  – They’re here! If you thought you threw out the playbook with Millennials, prepare to flex even more! In this workshop you’ll fast forward to a time when Gen Z has become the second biggest demographic in the workplace, next to Millennials. Learn how they are different, and what you need to do now to prepare your business, adjust leadership and adapt processes.

Understanding Diversity – Learn the basics of Diversity and Inclusion in this interactive workshop. Equip your team with a new language and awareness about diversity and the many ways it can benefit the workplace. Learn demographic details about gender, inter-generational, aboriginal, ability, visible minorities, and LGBTQ. Come away with steps to begin building your organization’s Diversity & Inclusion roadmap for greater employee engagement and consumer growth.

Women in Politics in New Brunswick: A Case Study – As women all around the world rise up in greater numbers for political office, governments and non-profit organizations are looking for models that will support more women to run for office and get elected.

This talk will give you insights into a case study in New Brunswick, Canada and the globally recognized and award-winning public initiative called Women for 50%. You’ll learn about the landscape leading up to the 2018 election, the specific playbook used by Women for 50% to create public awareness about gender parity in elected office, the challenges and lessons learned, as well as the results both in terms of votes cast and feedback from the candidates themselves about what parts of the Women for 50% campaign were most useful and improvements for future elections. This information is geared towards groups who are focused on supporting women in politics.

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