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At GlassSKY, we work to help the next generation of leaders make the most of their talents and contribute to society and the workplace in powerful ways. We also work with progressive employers who want to embrace diversity and gain a deeper understanding of the changes they are facing as their leadership profile rapidly shifts to one that is Millennial and increasingly female.

Our focus is simple. Empower. Invest. Engage. Join us.

North American Excellence Awards

The New Brunswick initiative known as Women for 50% has earned global recognition for its public awareness campaign leading up to the fall 2018 provincial election.

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Women Redefining Leadership

Millennial Leaders Rising Up

The Future of Work

Our clients are breaking the mold. They are building the workplaces of the future that unleash talent like never before. We are helping them ignite conversations for change. Whether it’s by educating management on diversity trends, equipping career starters to succeed, or building a business case for a new mental health wellness program – we are passionate about helping our next generation rise up in modern and inclusive workplaces. They are the future and we are identifying better ways to leverage their global mindset, collaborative approach to work, thirst for learning, and fearless adoption of technology. Learn more about our work.

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This engaging and practical guide to high performance will inspire new graduates and career starters to take charge of their lives and make a positive impact on the world.


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