The Millennial Mentor Column


Get Ready! It’s the Newest and Biggest Generation in the Workplace, Primed to Make a Difference You Can’t (and Don’t Want To) Ignore. The Millennial Mentor column offers career advice for the Biggest Generation since The Baby Boom, from Robyn Tingley, author of 10 Essentials for the Motivated Millennial.

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Millennials have arrived in the workplace. Let’s give them a warm welcome.

I believe this generation needs our support. That’s why I jumped at the chance to contribute a column to The District News with career advice for Millennials. Not a week goes by that I don’t get a call from a manager or professor who wants me to speak to their promising young talent. And every time, the same questions come up about how to:
• pick the right career
• navigate organizational hierarchy
• differentiate themselves
• earn good money while still following their dreams

Are you a Millennial, the parent of Millennials, or work with Millennials? What questions would you like The Millennial Mentor to address? Email us!

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