The Millennial Mentor – Take Back Your Happy: 5 Steps to Begin Taking Charge of Your Happiness at Work

Get Ready! It’s the Newest and Biggest Generation in the Workplace, Primed to Make a Difference You Can’t (and Don’t Want To) Ignore. This series offers career advice for the Biggest Generation since The Baby Boom, by The Millennial Mentor.


By Robyn Tingley

Everyone wants to feel engaged and fulfilled at work, but when spending about one-third of your life on the job, it can be easy to get into a rut.  Here are some ways to take charge of your own happiness.

1 — Know what makes you happy: What kind of environment makes you happy? Are spreadsheets your thing, or interacting with people? Do you like structure and deadlines, or more free-flowing creative concepts? Identify situations where you are more likely to be energized and positive, then seek those out in the workplace.

2 — Set goals frequently: Studies show that when an individual sets goals that are challenging, yet attainable, they have a better sense of control over their work and a feeling of accomplishment when they look back and see all they have achieved. Your goal could be as significant as a promotion or pay increase, or as small as reading a book, networking with new colleagues or taking time to go for a walk at lunch.

3 — Wear all your hats: When planning your weekly calendar, think about all of the hats you wear — worker, mother/father, daughter/son, little league coach, etc, – and build that into the schedule. Far too many employees short-change the very important roles they play in life and end up feeling resentful or stressed because they didn’t have time for something important to them.

4 — Use the tools an employer offers: Health coaches, financial planning, time management courses, tuition reimbursement and more, are all easily accessible at most major companies at low or no added cost for employees. These tools are under-utilized by most, but can contribute significantly to your sense of engagement and the gratitude you feel towards your workplace.

5 — Plan Your Vacation Time: Vacations recharge your energy and creativity. Go someplace new, spend time with the people you care about, or escape with books by your favorite author. It’s important to do what you love on vacation and create special moments that you’ll feel good about for years to come. While there are many things that contribute to happiness, the knowledge that you are doing all you can to secure your own personal happiness is guaranteed to go a long way.

Robyn Tingley’s career has taken her around the world as an international executive in Human Resources and Communications. She is the founder of, an organization dedicated to workplace diversity, gender equality, and helping people succeed.

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