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testimonialWhen we were looking for a speaker for our first event and Robyn’s name was put forward, I knew she would be the perfect choice.  I had worked with Robyn while she was VP of Communications and Public Affairs with our company and always admired her ability to inspire and lead especially in a time of change. The session exceeded my expectations. Robyn is an inspiring women and her ability to relate with the group and provide practical experience and guidance, encouraged participation and self-development.  Robyn’s material was informative and thought provoking; as she lead a discussion with our groups, I know all the attendees learned something new, made a realization or had an “aha” moment.  I know I did. — Wanda Joudrey, Bell Residential and Small Business

testimonial Thank you again for the very valuable time you spent at Ingram! We have had extremely positive feedback from everyone who attended your sessions. From the Millennial breakfast session, to the Women’s Forum workshops, to the career counselling roundtables, the day exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t be happier with what you’ve done for us. The advice you shared is helping our employees think differently about how they need to guide their careers and contribute in the workplace. — Kelly Carter, Vice President Credit & Financial Solutions, Ingram Micro

testimonialI had arranged for Robyn to speak at a Women in Leadership event I host for our local Scotiabank team.  I have known and been inspired by this charismatic woman for 20 years and knew she would be an exceptional example of what a woman can accomplish both professionally and personally. Robyn did not disappoint. She is intentional in her approach and oozes empowerment through her relatable, real life, practical experiences. Every person attending left motivated, energized and more importantly thoughtful about their own personal and professional lives and all that is possible.  – Kelly Langille, PFP- Branch Manager, Scotiabank, Saint John, New Brunswick

testimonialI knew that you would provide excellent value, and you did not disappoint.  Thank you for your thoughtful preparation and full engagement.  Beyond the content and insights you shared, you modeled confidence and leadership presence, which were equally important.  You were a big hit with both groups. The positive feedback keeps rolling in.”  – Candice Yorke, Director Talent, Hyundai Capital, Newport Beach, California


GlassSKY’s training on workforce diversity was excellent! It ignited an important conversation within our organization about diversity and inclusion, helped us stay current on the latest policies and trends, and gave us practical ideas to implement as a leading employer of choice.” – Kim Wilson, Manager, Corporate Social  Responsibility, Atlantic Lottery (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador)

testimonialOur team loved it! The information was informative and helped us all expand our knowledge about high-performance leadership, the rise of Millennials, and ways that we can improve our individual contribution to the workplace. Robyn’s style is always engaging, interactive and high energy.  I’ve already been asked for more!” – Jamie Latiano, SVP HR, Renovate America, San Diego, California

testimonialWhen we conceived of The District News last year, we wanted credible and engaging voices within our community for our readers. Robyn’s column, The Millennial Mentor, has delivered! She offers practical tips to our audience that they can put to use immediately, based on her years of international experience and coaching people in their careers. Robyn’s articles are sought after by our readers — they look forward to her column monthly.  Incredible reads! Heather Acker, Publisher, The District News

testimonialWhen we learned about GlassSKY and all the work they do to support women and their economic empowerment, we knew we found a perfect match for our Power of the Purse event! GlassSKY signed on instantly as a major sponsor for our inaugural event in Saint John, AND their team actively spread the word to help us with local awareness and attendance. I’d work with them again in a heartbeat! – Cynthia O’Neill, High Altitude Thinking and Founder, Power of the Purse 

testimonialWe are very thankful for GlassSKY’s gift to the Coady International Institute in support of scholarships for the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership program. Our participants have great passion for their work, but often lack the financial resources to attend the program. GlassSKY’s generosity and commitment to eliminating barriers for women is making a real positive difference. – Kathleen A. Provost, CFRE, Associate Director, Fund Development & Communications, Coady International Institute, St Francis Xavier University

testimonialI have known Robyn for many years. She is brilliant. The first time I reached out to her it was as a complete stranger and she responded immediately. Since then I have come to know her story through research with Digital Nova Scotia and Dalhousie University. Robyn provided valuable insights to our research on female leaders in the ICT sector. She understands that women face unique challenges and shares her story openly in the hopes of helping others. The world needs more Robyn’s. If you have a chance to work with her, don’t delay. You will become a better person.– Jules Fauteux, Management Consultant, Halifax, Nova Scotia

testimonialI had the true honor and pleasure to work for Robyn for just over three years while at Ingram Micro. She is one of those remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime, inspirational leaders who not only challenges others to perform at their best, but she also creates opportunities and opens doors that allow those around her to shine. Robyn is a fearless and incredibly strategic global trailblazer who leads with passion, drive, and commitment to bring clarity, logic, and integrity to all work conducted.  She constantly motivated me both professionally and personally: To be a better person, to give more, and to keep challenging myself.  I’m confident Robyn will change the world for the better! Her legacy will not only be the way she cared for others but also for how she inspired others to live to their fullest potential. – Erin Johnson, Vice President, Human Resources, Synacor, Buffalo, New York

I first met Robyn when she was a keynote at Oxford’s International Women’s Day event in 2015. She spoke with so much confidence and conviction, I was awed by her energy. I sought her out afterwards and not only was she approachable but she was friendly and personable. Little did I know that would be the first of many exchanges. She has continuously given me great advice and I am confident in the fact that I can reach out to her at any time. Although she is an ocean away she responds quickly and I am grateful for the guidance such an inspirational woman has given me. – Ada Victoria Wabara, Recruitment Consultant, London, UK
When GlassSKY learned about our event for International Women’s Day with the Saint John Community Loan Fund, they were immediately on board, and not just in a branding kind of way. They have a genuine interest in positively impacting the lives of women. They invested in seats for students and aspiring women leaders — taking away any financial barriers related to ticket costs. It’s so nice to see this kind of inclusive approach and direct investment in women! — Rhoda Welshman, Owner, ReAction Events, Saint John, New Brunswick


 We sat down with Robyn to learn about GlassSKY and share our programs at the YWCA. Her enthusiasm for our work was evident. We immediately brainstormed ways to work together to support women in our community. GlassSKY signed on as a sponsor for our flagship Women of Distinction event, and we are about to launch an exciting project together to bring female role models out into the community to meet with younger women and talk about the importance of pursuing education, careers, and lifelong goals. Great things can happen when you have a strong collaborator like GlassSKY! — Melanie Vautour, Executive Director, YWCA, Saint John, New Brunswick