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Guest Contributor Alyson Queen joins GlassSKY!




Soar — Stories of Remarkable Women, a series by Alyson Queen

Exclusive to GlassSKY, Alyson will be releasing a series of stories on remarkable women. Some are making a difference in their own community, and others on the global stage. There are accounts of adversity, excellence and women helping women. With different journeys and destinations, they all offer powerful wisdom on how women can succeed, and soar.

You’ll see the first of these starting in April, and once completed, the profiles will be turned into an e-book and teacher/parent discussion guide that we’ll make avaialble for free to schools and non-profits clubs. Happy  International Women’s Day from GlassSKY!

Read the first in this six-part series — Connecting the Unconnected and learn about Dr. Kristin Baetz’s journey as a scientist, researcher, volunteer and mother.

In Part 2, learn about Brooke Ellison, a woman who is Shattering Stereotypes from Harvard to Hollywood, and redefining what it means to be disabled.

Part 3 is Virtues and Vision, a profile of businesswoman Barg Stagemann. Learn about her incredible journey from poverty to a perfumeries CEO.

Part 4 features the talented and courageous Rosie MacLennan in her lead up to the Olympic Games in Road to Rio.

Part 5 features Canadian music icon Susan Aglukark in Arctic Rose.

NEW! Our latest in the series features global marketing leader, Nocha Van Thielan in Winners Get Up One More Time