What Brings You Joy?




It’s a busy world that we live in and it’s so easy to get caught up (and sometimes lost) in the frenzy of it all. We need to hit the pause button from time to time and ask ourselves: “What gives me joy?” As I began to prepare for this blog, I pondered on this question for myself and I decided to jot down my own list. My list rolled out rather quickly and I could have easily added more. Sure there are things in my life that I am happy and content with. I am sure that the same goes for you. But what brings you pure joy?

I would like to share with you my list of little things that are sure to fill my heart with joy:

  1. Belly laughs
  2. Coffee
  3. Chocolate
  4. A child’s giggle
  5. My crystals
  6. The beat of a drum
  7. Service to others
  8. Random acts of kindness (acting & receiving)
  9. The smell of the forest
  10. The sound of the ocean
  11. Collecting sea glass & sea shells on the beach
  12. Going barefoot
  13. The smell of a smudge
  14. Bonfires
  15. Time spent with family
  16. Pajama days at home
  17. My cozy Brunswick sheets on cold winter nights
  18. Learning new things
  19. Accomplishing new things
  20. Meditating
  21. Puppies-well, all baby animals
  22. Owls
  23. The smell of a summer rain
  24. Bohemian things
  25. Best friends
  26. My grand-daughter
  27. A cup of tea made by someone else
  28. A raw, acoustic concert (no adding or altering with electronic equipment)
  29. Hiking in nature
  30. Sitting in nature
  31. Finding money I forgot I had
  32. Great neighbors
  33. The tweets of songbirds
  34. Pasta
  35. Gardens
  36. Sunny days
  37. My art
  38. Treasure hunting (yard sales, thrift stores, etc.)
  39. Being home
  40. Praying
  41. Answered prayer
  42. Road trips
  43. Camping
  44. Photography
  45. Writing: journalling & poetry
  46. Cranking my favourite song while driving in my car
  47. Hugs
  48. Spontaneity
  49. People watching
  50. A surprise visit or phone call from a loved one

Compiling such a list can stir up feelings of joy along with other mixed emotions. It is a means of practicing mindfulness. It helps one become present and fully aware of the abundance in their life. It can also be a great reminder of some wonderful memories of things that once were joyful but now may be lacking. This type of mindfulness practice can be used with any topic to help you to remain focused on the things in life that are important to you.

Whatever your list might be and wherever it will lead you, may your heart alwaysJennifer Doherty be filled with joy.





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