GlassSKY’s mission is to empower women to fulfill their potential. We do this by supporting women directly with training and financial investment, educating employers about the value of diversity, and welcoming the next generation of Millennials in the workforce — men and women who are poised to promote equality like never before.

On this page you’ll find our news column, blog and resources — enjoy!

The Millennial Mentor — Robyn’s career advice for the biggest and most influential generation ever.

Soar Stories of Remarkable Women, a series by Alyson Queen. Exclusive to GlassSKY, Alyson will be releasing a series of stories on remarkable women. Some are making a difference in their own community, and others on the global stage. There are accounts of adversity, excellence and women helping women. With different journeys and destinations, they all offer powerful wisdom on how women can succeed, and soar.

Wellness Blog — Blogger and Wellness Champion Jennifer Doherty contributed weekly updates on how to keep your mind, body and spirit in top shape. As a Natural Health Consultant, Jennifer firmly believes that all women have the infinite potential to live at an optimal level of health in mind, body and spirit. We trust that her weekly blogs featured on GlassSKY will inspire you to tap into your own strengths, knowledge and inner truths.

Resources – read case studies, interviews and our latest survey results. Coming soon — the findings of ‘The Empowered Woman’ survey that engaged 700 women across 6 continents!

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