Jenneh in Sierra Leone started a textile business with help from our micro loans.

At GlassSKY, we believe that we are all connected. When one woman succeeds, we all do. That’s why we are investing to make a difference in the lives of women we may never meet. Currently, our efforts are focused on micro loans for women in developing economies, and scholarships. For 2016 we are working on a grant program for female entrepreneurs in our local community.

Micro Loans
Helping women achieve financial independence is key to raising our global living standards and to building stronger economies. Studies show that 80 cents of every dollar earned by a woman goes into education, healthcare and housing for her children. Through Kiva we offer micro loans to women starting businesses — 200 and counting, across 48 countries. These women have little experience working outside of the home and no ability to access credit through traditional banking systems. Often, they face prejudice and discrimination, yet they persevere to provide a better livelihood for themselves and their children. Our funding helps them launch their business, and also improves their confidence and self-esteem. To learn more visit

At GlassSKY, we know that women are passionate and ambitious about improving their future. But we also know that no matter how enthusiastic they are, they will only succeed if they have access to support, mentorship and education. That’s why we fund scholarships through the world-renown Coady International Institute. To date we’ve funded two  programs — Community Development Leadership by Women with a $1500 scholarship, and Indigenous Women  in Community Leadership with a $1000 scholarship. Women of all ages come away from these courses inspired to create and support social change in all aspects of their lives.