Have You Ever Considered Treating Yourself To A Sound Bath?

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A Sound Bath is a form of meditation in which you are “bathed” in the vibrations of various instruments. The instruments that a Sound Healing Practitioner uses in this healing technique are gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, rattles and voice. Each instrument is tuned to resonate with various chakras (healing centers) within our bodies.

Participants of a Sound Bath usually lay on the floor in savasna on yoga mats. Savasna is a yoga pose in which you lay on your back with your arms and legs relaxed and eyes are closed. This pose in itself decreases heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety. It also stimulates your ability to concentrate.

During a Sound Bath all you have to do is just lay there. Relax and receive the sounds that the practitioner provides. The “bath” lasts approximately one amazing hour. The experience certainly is difficult to describe in words to someone who has never attended a Sound Bath.

Sound Baths that I have attended are “drop-in” group sessions where attendees bring their own cushions, blankets and yoga mats.  These particular sessions are facilitated by two practitioners. As part of the Sound Bath, the practitioners add their own personal touch by taking the time to stop at each participant, holding their instruments over each and every one of us. My favourite instrument during the bath is the ocean drum! The ocean drum produces a soothing sound that sounds very much like the waves on a beach. With keeping eyes closed, I remain awake during my Sound Bath as I enjoy taking it all in. Some participants fall asleep, and that is perfectly okay too.

Each Sound Bath can yield different experiences for everyone. It can depend on the instruments being used, the environment, and any intentions that you might set for yourself. A Sound Bath can be relaxing for some and activating for others.

A Sound Bath for me is very rejuvenating when I am feeling stressed or off balance. A feeling of calmness remains with me for several days thereafter.

A Sound Bath affects every cell in your body and is very beneficial in the following ways:

  • Soothes and harmonizes emotions and feelings
  • Removes blockages and toxins
  • Aids in recovery after illness and medical treatments
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Increases creativity, intuition and motivation
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves sleep

Is Sound Bath healing something that you have considered trying? This form of healing can be enjoyed in group sessions and in very similar ways through private sessions also.  If you would like to learn more about Sound Bath healing/meditation, feel free to contact me at jennifer.doherty@GlassSKY.org

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